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Economy of Arunachal Pradesh

Agriculture is the primary source of the economy of the State. They cultivate rice, maize, millet, wheat, pulses, sugarcane, ginger and oilseeds. Forest-products are the secondary source in the sector of the economy. Arunachal is also ideal for horticulture and fruit orchards.

States major industries are sawmills and plywood (both of them are illegal in the state). Rice mills, fruit preservation units and handloom handicrafts contributes their share to the economy of the state. Thermal Energy in Arunachal Pradesh is 15.88 MW, Hydro-electric energy is 8.50 MW and other energies are 25.98 MW.

Industries In Arunachal Pradesh

There are 5 District Industrial Centers and 8 Sub-District Industrial Centers in Arunachal Pradesh. There are a number of saw mills, plywood factories, petro-chemical industries, hydro-electric projects, cement factories in Arunachal Pradesh. The minerals found here are coal, dolomite, lead, zinc, graphite and marble.

Most of the industries in the state are based on forest products such as Timber, Veneer and Plywood.

The forest-products are the second most important source of economy. Since Arunachal Pradesh is densely covered with forests; wood, teak & ply play a major role in state's proceeds. Its main industries are sawmills, plywood mills, rice mills, fruit preservation units, and handloom handicrafts.

These are some forest industries listed below:
  • Arunachal Plywood Industries
  • Dibang Valley Timber Trade Ltd
  • Jenney Plywood Industries Ltd
  • Node Timber CompanyVeneer
  • Arunachal wood based & Chemical Industries (p) Ltd.

Arunachal Pradesh

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