Wedding Puja

The wedding Puja session of the Hindu marriage ceremonies differ from state to state, but the core logic of the wedding Puja will be more or less same in all the regions.

The major ritual of Hindu marriage ceremony is:

  • Invoking God Weddinga (Wedding Puja)
  • Evoking the holy fire (Agni Puja)
  • Kanyadhaan - Giving away the bride to the groom (kanyadhaan puja)
  • Tying of holy necklace (Mangalsutra)
  • The Seven Holy Steps ("Saptapadi"), circling the fire
  • Bride steps on the stone (Shilarohana)
  • Most of the ceremonies involve the pandit (priest) chanting mantras (in Sanskrit-an age old language of India) of various prayers and blessings for the couple.

The Wedding Puja and the rituals of the communities originating from different states of India, differs to a large extent.

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