Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi Puja is the occasion to worship the Goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to shower her blessings for the better wealth, is performed often in the houses of Hindu people in India. Further, Lakshmi Puja is the main event of the festival Diwali (or Deepavali) in North and West India. Although Diwali is celebrated all over India, Lakshmi Puja is the chief event of north and western states of India, on this festival day.

Lakshmi Puja is celebrated on the dark night of Amavasya. It is believed that on this day Lakshmi walks through the green fields and loiters through the bye-lanes and showers her blessings on man for plenty and prosperity.

Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in her three forms:

  • Mahalakshmi - the Goddess of wealth and money
  • Mahasaraswati - the Goddess of Wisdom
  • Mahakali - Kuber the treasurer of the Gods

Methods to perform Lakshmi Puja

  • As it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi likes cleanliness, on the day of Lakshmi Puja in the house, extreme hygiene of the house is advised (It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi will visit the cleanest house first).
  • Lamps are lit in the evening to welcome the Goddess (this is because of the reason that lights on the path will show Her path).
  • Lord Ganesh is worshiped at the beginning of every auspicious of Hindu festivals and Lakshmi puja also starts with Ganapathi puja.
  • Place a handful of grains in the centre of the puja place (a raised Dias - such as a table), on this, place a kalash, lotta (pitcher). Fill three-fourth of the kalash with water and place a betel nut, a flower, a coin, and some rice grains in it. Arrange five kinds of leaves or mango leaves in the kalash .
  • Place a small dish on the kalash and fill it with rice grains. Draw a lotus with turmeric powder (haldi) over the rice grains and place the idol of goddess Lakshmi over it, along with coins.
  • In front of the kalash, on the right (South-West direction), place the idol of Ganesha. Also place pens, books related to your business or occupation on the platform.
  • Light a deepak (lamp) and the Agarbatti (incense sticks) begin the puja by offering haldi, kumkum, and flowers to the platform on which the kalash is placed. Spray this water on all puja utensils to purify them. Make a Panchamitra with the ingredients of milk, curd, ghee(clarified butter), sugar & Honey.
  • Start with Ganesh Pujan (Ganeshji are a must for Diwali pujan. Ganeshji should be worshipped in all pujas before any other god or goddess. He is the Lord of Wisdom and the remover of obstacles.) by reciting Ganesh Mantras and Ganesh aarti. Offer a garland to the god. Offer flowers and make an offering of sweets, coconut and fruits. Now invoke goddess Laxmi by reciting the Laxmi mantras.Then offer the flowers to the idol.
  • Place the idol of Lakshmi in a plate and bathe it with water, panchamrit and then with water containing some gold ornament or a pearl. Wipe the idol clean and place it back on the kalash . Alternately, you can just sprinkle water and panchamrit on the idol with a flower. Offer sandal paste, haldi, kumkum, to the goddess. Offer a garland to the goddess. Offer flowers and make an offering of sweets, coconut and fruits.
  • Offer sweets and other Prashad to the Goddess, made especially for the Lakshmi Puja occasion. These sweets and Prashad must be distributed to the near and dears paying to shower Her blessing to everyone of them.

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