Indian Cinema

As the entertainment industry grows bigger and better, we find ourselves watching more and more movies. Movies become our getaway to a world better than ours and movie stars are the people who make it happen for us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we start emulating the style/fashion/design and other things shown on the silver screen, edging us to know more about these celebrities.

This page gets you as close to your favorite star as possible by giving you access to their pictures, bios, news and everything you ever wanted to know about them.

From personal news, where you'll get to know about their childhood hobbies, pet peeves and love interest(s) to professional news about how their movies are doing, new films they have signed, which ones were their biggest hit, etc.

We've made an effort to not confine ourselves to a certain industry. You may have favorites in Hindi or Tamil, we've covered them all and we make sure all the news is up to date so that you get the newest celebrity fodder every time you visit our website.

So click along and get to know your mega stars like they were your own friends telling you their stories!