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Namaz Timings in India

Namaz timings differ from city to city as the sunset and sunrise timings are different and also the length of the day. Namaz is based on the length of the day and its pahar.

So if you are in a new city please check the namaz timings for that city. Also the namaz time changes from day to day and also month to month and season to season. We have given the namaz timetables for the major cities of India like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, and have provided a link for other cities of India.

We will shortly bring you ways to perform the regular namaz and also namaz for special occasions. The daily routine of the namaz generally consists of offering namaz five times a day at regular and fixed intervals.

Before you begin the Namaz you have do the waddoh which involves washing yourself in a prescribed manner. One generally uses a clean cloth or readymade mats for the Namaz. You have to offer your namaz facing the Kabah in Saudi Arabia. In India one has to mostly face towards the west as Arabia lies west of India.

Timetables of Namaz

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Components of the Namaz

Each Namaz has a set of prayers to be done. These sets are named Sunnat, Farz and witr. Each namaz has a set of them that is to be performed. If you miss a particular namaz you must perform it when you get free. At that time you need to perform only the Farz portion of the namaj. For Shia's two Namaz may be performed together in full if you have missed the previous.

However it is preferable to do it at the prescribed time and not combine prayers. We have listed below the compulsory sets of namaz that you have to perform on the five times.

Fajr - the prayer at Dawn

This prayer consists of two sets of compulsory prayers.
  • Sunnat - 2 Rakat
  • Farz - 2 Rakat

Zohar - the prayer in the Afternoon

This prayer consists of three sets of compulsory prayers.
  • Sunnat - 4 Rakat
  • Farz - 4 Rakat
  • Sunnat - 2 Rakat

Asr - the prayer in the Evening

This prayer consists of one set of compulsory prayers.
  • Farz - 4 Rakat

Maghrib - the prayer at Sunset

This prayer consists of two sets of compulsory prayers.
  • Farz - 3 Rakat
  • Sunnat - 2 Rakat

Esha - the prayer at Night

This prayer consists of three sets of compulsory prayers.
  • Farz - 4 Rakat
  • Sunnat - 2 Rakat
  • Witr - 3 Rakat

Here is some more on the namaz.