Krishna Jayanti

Sri Krishna Jayanti marks the celebration of the birth of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna was born on the 'Rohini' nakshatram (star) on Ashtami day. The festival Sri Krishna Jayanti is also known as Gokulashtami and Janmashtam. The actual day of celebration can be on two different days as the star 'Rohini' and Ashtami may not be on the same day. This occurs between August and September. The festival is celebrated in a variety of ways in different parts of the country.

Information of Krishna Jayanti Festival in India

The festival is celebrated with great pomp and splendour, to signify the birth of Lord Krishna who was born more than 5000 years ago in the 28th year of Dwapur Yug. It is one of the most celebrated festivals for Hindus not only in India but also, all over the world. Janmashtami is about the joy what people feel for their beloved God Bhagwan Sri Krishna.

According to mythological texts, Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who took birth to kill the evil king Kansa and free the people of Mathura and other nearby towns from his cruelty and save them from his evil clutches. Kansa was the maternal uncle of Sri Krishna who was destined to be killed by the eighth child of his beloved sister Devki.

Devotees adorn their homes with images of Krishna decorated with flowers (usually tulsi) and lavishly adorned with jewels. The whole house is made festive with bright designs, lights and fragrant flowers emanating from the doorways. The celebration characterized by fasting during day and keeping an all-night vigil. Families and communities sing and dance late into the night as bards recall Krishna's youthful antics that have enthralled generations of believers.

At midnight when the lord was born, a statue of the infant Krishna is bathed, dressed in new clothes, and is placed in a cradle and an elaborate Puja is performed. The fast is broken at that point of time and the devotees feast and celebrate for hours. At dawn, women paint baby footprints on the floor leading to the shrine room, a sign that signifies thatLord Krishna has entered their home.