Test your Stress Level

Test Your Stress Level

Contributed by Dr. Rishi Tiwari, Chennai

Here is a stress test to point out to you the symptoms of stress. Follow this stress test carefully to see if you suffer from any of these symptoms of stress.

  1. If you are doing something important do you miss meals?
  2. Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day?
  3. Do your days seem long and boring?
  4. Ever have difficulty sleeping?
  5. Is it a struggle to go to work each morning?
  6. Do you feel like everything around you moves too fast?
  7. Do you feel like everything around you moves too slow?
  8. When you relax do you think about work or problems?
  9. When you relax do you feel like you should be doing something?
  10. Do you feel like people take advantage of you?
  11. Do you find yourself finishing other people's sentences?
  12. Are you usually rushing around like a headless chicken?
  13. When you're driving do other drivers make you impatient?
  14. Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
  15. Is it common for you to lose your temper?
  16. Are you easily depressed?
  17. Have you lost your physical fitness?
  18. Do you get frequent aches and pains in the neck and shoulders?
  19. Are you drinking too much alcohol?
  20. Do you find yourself becoming easily confused?
  21. Is it sometimes difficult to make decisions?
  22. Do you bite your nails?
  23. Are you suffering from frequent indigestion?
  24. Is it difficult to make and keep friends?
  25. Do you get angry frequently?
  26. Do you sometimes feel like you'd like to hit someone?
  27. Do you sometimes feel unhappy even when your life is ok?
  28. Are avoiding contact with people as much as possible?
  29. Do you get blinding headaches for no apparent reason?
  30. Are your muscles frequently feeling tight and tense?
  31. Do you have sexual problems that you never used to have?
  32. Are you getting coughs, colds and other minor infections frequently?
  33. Do you wake up from sleep and still feel tired?
  34. Do you feel like crying, but have to stuff it down.
  35. Are you getting hot or cold sweats out of the blue?
  36. Is your memory not working as well nowadays?

If you find you have any of the above problems and you are under stress please contact

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Stress Test

A stress test will show you where and to what degree you are under stress. The following choices below. the key is on the bottom.

Physical Symptoms Psychological symptoms
Headache Anxiety
Backache Depression
Tight muscles Confusion
Neck or shoulder pain Irrational fears
Jaw tension Compulsive behavior
Muscle stomach Forgetfulness
Nervous stomach Feeling overwhelmed
Nausea Hyperactivity
Insomnia mood swings
Fatigue Loneliness
Cold hands/feet Realtionship problems
Pressure in head unhappy at work
High blood pressure Difficulty concentrating
Diarrhea Irritability
Skin condition restlessness
Allergies Boredom
teeth grinding Worrying
Digestive disorders Guilt
Stomach pain Volatile temper
Constipation Crying splls

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