Shed a Kilo Every Week

Breakfast(between 8.30-9am):

Oats or ragi porridge(50 gms)/ cornflakes in skimmed or diet milk/two idlis with sambar oe veg gravy/brown bread with egg white.

Smallmeal (11 am):

Home made soup/ one raw fruit/ sprouts.

Lunch(between 12-1.30 pm):

Two phulkas or rice with mixed vegetables, rajma or dal and 1 cup of curd. Dal and green leafy vegetables are a must. Non-vegetarians can opt for one two pieces of chicken cooked in light gravy(not deep fried).

Snacks(between 4-5 pm):

Sprouts/ a plate of salad/ fruit salad/ pop corn. puffed rice/ biscuits with tea or coffee.

Dinner(8-9 pm):

Two phulkas or chapatti (whole wheat or jowar roti preferably)/ wheat porridge/dalia upma, salad, one cup of curd. Strictly avoid rice at night.

Before going to bed, just drink a little lukewarm milk or buttermilk. It aids the digestive system. However, dont forget to drink minimum three-four litres of water a day, exercise for an hour in the morning and get at least seven-eight hours of undisturbed sleep.

(the chief dieticiant,
Mediciti Hospital)

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