One Day Diet Plans

We present one day diet detox plans for those of you who want to keep away the flab. These one day diet plans are also for those people who overeat at parties and holidays and want to take up a detox diet and reduce just that bit.

Note: If you have any doubts please mail us.

Soya & Chapatti Diet

Cook soya nuggets or granules and eat it with 2 chappattis for all 3 meals. Cook this one day diet meal in whatever way it pleases you but avoid too much of oil. You are to eat nothing else during the day except raw salad.

Chapati & One Vegetable Diet

In this one day diet plan you once again eat 2 chapatis with your vegetable. The vegetables can be either ghia (lauki, kaddu, surakkai) or Torai(ghewra, pekking kai). If you can avoid the chappati at dinner nothing like it. Eat an early dinner if possible at all times including when you are doing these one day diet plans. If hungry take some salad.

Chicken One Day Diet

Eat your fill of Chicken today. Divide into 3 meals and stuff away. Take salad too and if hungry a piece of bread.

One Day Fruit Diet

In India a day of fruit diet is recommended in the form of vrats or fasts. Fixing a particular date of the week for this fast, helps people follow it more easily and it does a good detox and weight maintenance job.

One Day Banana Milk Diet

Try this. Eat about 6-8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk during the day and nothing else. If you do feel very hungry eat a bread-cucumber sandwich. Give up diet if you feel nervous at anytime during the day as sometimes it does not suit people who require salt intake. Let your body guide you.

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