Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is most common type of addiction in populace today and amplifying very rapidly. People of ages especially teenagers, are affected with sugar addiction whose lives are disorganized and eating habits are poor. It has very harmful effect on people as many disorders develop which range from obesity to syndrome X and diabetes. An addiction is anything that one must have in order to avoid a negative feeling or symptom. Also, addictions tend to deteriorate the body, so that one feels better with the addictive substance or behavior, but the end result is a deteriorating or greater dysfunction of the person. Sugar, in the form of a substance called glucose, is the basic energy of the body. Other sugars such as fruit sugar (fructose), milk sugar (maltose) and others can also be broken down in the body to glucose. Usually, human bodies do not require sweets, however, for food. They eat starches such as rice or bread, potatoes or carrots. They may also eat fats such as butter, eggs, and meats, and even protein foods. All these should be decomposed or broken down if required into glucose in the digestive system and the liver. If a person excessively consumes sugar, his body reacts negatively and he may grip under serious disorder.


A person who is sugar addicted will allow items containing high levels of sugar to make up a large part of their diet, or will have to consume a sugary item regularly. When access to these items is denied or they are not capable to consume them, they exhibit symptoms of low mood, irritability, frustration and panic. They will normally experience cravings accompanied by fine tremors, headaches and a pre-occupation of thoughts. When access to the sugar is permitted, they will experience an instant rush and feel very satisfied very quickly. If a person has made a great effort to eliminate sugar from their diet, then symptoms are headaches, changes in bowel habit, low mood and anxiety.

Consequences of Sugar Addiction

It is generally observed that when human being likes sugar items and he is allowed to eat in excessive amount, he may experience intense feelings of pleasure from sugar but the physiology of the anatomy can be considerably altered by long-term or excessive consumption of refined sugars. High levels of sugar in the blood, or hyperglycemia occurs and person may have diabetes and pancreatic problems arise. Bowel diseases, including cancers, constipation and excessive wind are generally found in those addicted to sugar along with poor dental hygiene, arthritis and obesity, including the many diseases and illnesses that can accompany this. When a person eats simple sugars or even honey or fruit juices on a regular basis, it implies that one cannot breakdown complex foods into sugars. It can be said that the craving arises because body can not digest sugar properly and utilize other, more complex carbohydrate foods, or fats in amounts sufficient to stimulate the body. Sugars in the body must pass through a number of steps in order to be digested, converted, moved into the cells and utilized there for energy production. An obstruction anywhere along the fuel conversion process can and does cause sweet cravings. When the body cannot process its food properly, it develops an imbalanced oxidation rate. It means the fuel system is working either too fast, too slow, or some mixed up combination of the two.

It is commonly observed that the bad sugar habit usually starts at a young age. Sometimes parents are responsible for this habit. Careless parents suppose that children prefer sweet foods, but this is wrong. Parents have to teach them good food habits which help children to have good physical health and free from disease. Sweets are also usually used as good eatables by most sellers to sell the food. Most foods marketed as children's foods and these are advertised on television as sugar-coated to boost up sale. This is a shame and is offensive as this directly affects child's health which is the future of country. Through such advertisements, children demand sugar food and they grip under a lifetime illness and disability. Parents think that it as normal. This is the age of their kids to eat sugar. But consequences are dangerous. These sometimes include attention deficit, learning problems, autism, hyperactivity, infections, brain tumors and a rash of other disorders that are new for children, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, manic-depression, random violence and many other disease. It can be concluded that excessive sugar intake invites numerous disease. Many people sometimes take artificial sweeteners as they think that it will not create any disorder as direct sugar does. This is not true. Some times intake of artificial sweeteners create more severe problem. Even natural sweeteners such as xylitol, manitol and stevia, which are better, keep the sweet craving and taste alive. Generally doctors do not recommend these at all.

The improvement of sugar addiction is a long process in many cases. Doctors always advise to regulate overall diet. They strictly instruct person to reduce the amount who consume excessive sugar. Sometimes they suggest avoiding all sugars in diet. It is advised that person must eat regular meals, five daily if required. But individual must not skip meals and take snacks between meals of high-quality protein or fat-rich foods such as egg, nut butter on a rice cracker. Patient who is sugar addicted must eat lots of vegetables, preferably steamed lightly, not just raw food. Plenty of distilled or spring water will help person relieve from symptoms. It is not recommended to drink tap water. Patient must go for walk daily and develop good lifestyle habits. Person must sleep over 8 hours every single night, learning to relax a lot.

As sugar is a constantly used product therefore many people are ignorant that they are consuming such high quantities of the substance. It is present in breads, sauces, soups, in fact almost all modern pre-made and convenience foods. As people are all consuming these products on a regular basis, they would all most likely experience some degree of withdrawal if they tried to totally remove it from our diet. Sugar addiction can include both physical and psychological dependence as the body's systems become used to receiving the sugar rushes and the mind becomes dependent on the instant pleasure experienced. If a person is serious to eliminate all refined sugar from his diet, he must be prepared to make some significant changes in their normal life. It is not necessary to remove natural sugars such as lactose or fructose from the diet as these are present in foods required to maintain a healthy diet. It is a good habit to control over taste and more concentrate on health to avoid severe malfunction.

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