Let Fragrance Rule Your Summer


Body odor is a big no-no in summer, enough to put off your company. There are many home-made and simple options which can leave you smelling of fresh flowers and fragrances all day long.

The slices of lemon dipped in the bathing water make the skin fresh and tangy.

Soak mogras the lovely white flowers in bucket of water and use it for bathing. The fragrance will linger the whole day.

Moisturising the body with a light cream moisturizer or a few drops of sandalwood oil followed by talcum powder help retain body's natural moisture and prevents dryness.

bodydeodorant Donot forget to use a body deodorant or anti-perspirant while going out.

These days market is flooded with body scrubs and cleansing agents which can remove dirt and oil from the skin surface. It helps skin breathe easily and smell naturally. The summer months and strong UV rays make the skin dry and patchy.

To make skin smooth and supple add a cup of vinegar and a tsp of honey to a bucket of water. It is very effective and reduces irritation to a great extent.

For a glowing skin do not forget to take lots of water, juices, fresh fruits and salads.

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