Tips for Eye Care

Care For Your Eyes This Summer

Tips For Eye Care Beautiful eyes sparkle if you take care of your eyes with some attention and regular checkups. It begins with lifestyle issues like what you really eat. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, liver, cod liver oil, nuts and red or yellow fruits are essential.

The food should be fresh and natural. There is no point in loading oneself with self prescribed supplementary doses of Vitamin-A.

Regular visit to eye doctor will detect any eye problem in its early stages which will make treatment easy and successful. For the minor problems such as eyes strained by peering too closely at books or computer screen, you can do simple eye exercises like holding a pen out at arm's length and looking at its tip till tears roll down your cheeks.

It is essential to keep a strict distance between your eyes and whatever it is you are looking at. Take frequent breaks to close your eyes for up to a minute to give them some rest. Eyecare

A good night's rest is what your eyes require after strenuous day. Splash your eyes with cold water to remove puffiness. A slice of cucumber or potato can do a trick for tired eyes. For itching eyes, wash your eyes carefully with water.

If the itch continues for a while, you must see the doctor to rule out infection. It is important that you should go for full eye examination at least once in two years till you are 40; after that your visits should be annual.

These days contact lenses are quite a rage as they enhance your features. Many options like gas-permeable lenses which provide oxygen transmission, quite a range of coloured cosmetic lenses and disposable lenses in the market, you have lots to choose from.

But once again you have to be careful in following the doctor's instructions. Wash your hands before putting in or removing the lenses, wear good quality sunglasses whenever you go out and get your lenses sterilized every six months. If you like to rid yourself of specs and lenses, go for eye-correction option in Lasik surgery. These days doctors hold lasik as an safe, effective and accurate procedure if done properly.

But if you are nervous about eye-surgery then with the right make-up even you can boast of beautiful eyes.

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