Back pain

Back pain is the most common problem in women, as research has shown that four out of five women suffer from it at some point of time in their life. Though some of these problems are not so serious and disappear after some mild treatment, others can lead to serious repercussions.

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The common cause of pain in the lower back is due to sprain or injury to a muscle. This can be due to sitting or working in a bad posture, lifting heavy things etc. Other kinds of pains are caused by slipped disc, muscle tear or arthritis.


Excessive pain in the muscle and weakness. The pain gets worse by coughing and sneezing and can make you immobile. If the pain is associated with weight loss, bowel problems and other such problems, visit the doctor immediately.


Consult the doctor for painkillers which can give temporary relief. Depending on your problem, you may have to visit an osteopath or orthopedist for a permanent relief. You should exercise regularly. Ask your doctor or physiotherapist to suggest some good exercises that cure pain and get your back in good shape and action. Take special care while sitting, sleeping or moving your body.

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