Skin Care Tips

For a perfect well-groomed look what is required? A blemish free, healthy and firm skin will be the first answer you will likely to get. With a little work, every skin type at whatever age can look its best. Your behavior and genetics play their roles but today's wide range of sophisticated skincare products can create magic. Only you have to choose right products with good routine and sensible sun protection .

20s is the period when the production of collagen and elastin, the substances that keep the skin plump and firm is at its peak. The skin tone is even and fast cell turnover helps maintaining a fresh and healthy glow. To maintain the natural firmness you need a sunscreen and a light daily moisturizer with SPF. A gentle cleanser to remove the dirt from the pores and lightweight eye cream for toning the skin around the eyes are also important. The excess sebum needs to be kept in check to avoid spots and oily patches. For the women in 30s and 40s one of the simple beauty regimes will be to drink plenty of water to overcome surface dehydration. The declining collagen and elastin can be tackled with richer cream moisturizers and eye cream. You should exfoliate your skin regularly to tighten and remove the dead cells. Food rich in Vitamin C and E and beta carotene protect the skin from sun damage, pollutants and stress. The mature skin in post menopause 50s period becomes drier, fragile and more sensitive as the body produces less oestrogen thus reducing the skin's moisture holding capacity. A cream designed to improve moisture retention should be used daily. It will counter elasticity problems caused by the slowing the cell renewal process. The skin around the eyes also sags so the products that can strengthen and remove the dryness and lines should be used. Those products that contain reflective micro pigments give the eyes a 3-D effect that younger women naturally have should be used.

From : Anu, Delhi

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