• Sankranthi in January.
  • Ugadi or the Telugu New Year in March/April.
  • Vinayaka Chavithi in August.
  • Dasara in October.
  • Deepavali in November.
  • Bonalu in Sravanam.


Andhra food is very spicy and there is extensive use of green and red chillies in every dish. A typical meal in a well to do andhra home would have

  • Rice and Ghee
  • Appadam or Vadiyalu
  • Dry vegetable curry
  • Gravy vegetable curry
  • One pickle freshly made from vegetables and green chilli.
  • hyderabad-biryani
  • One preserved pickle
  • Pappu Charu or Rasam
  • Curd or Buttermilk

Andhra is famous for its Pickles, especailly Gongura and Aavakaaya. Preserved pickles are made from a variety of vegetables like brinjal, tomato, bitter gourd, Ginger and lemon. Other specailities include