Adai Pradaman


Adai (readymade)-1 /2 pkt
Jaggery-100 Gms (sweet as you prefer)
Ghee-3 tsp
Coconut milk- from � coconut
Elaichi powder-1 tsp
Coconut flakes-few


Soak adai in water for 12 hrs and cook it.
Make jaggery syrup, add adai, elaichi, coconut milk and boil it.
In ghee lightly fry coconut flakes, add it.

2. Adai Pradaman


Rice flour-50 Gms
Salt-a pinch
Jaggery-100 Gms
Ghee-4 tsp
Coconut milk-3 stages from 1 small coconut
Coconut flakes-few
Elaichi powder- 1 tsp
Plantain leaves


Mix rice flour, salt, ghee.add water and soft dough.
Do small balls.
Cut the plantain leaves to small rectangle shapes.
Apply ghee or oil on the leaves.
Keep the ball on leaf, press it to medium thick, roll the leaf and stick it with toothpick.
Lise wise do all.
Now steam cooks it.
After cooked, take the pieces and cut to small pieces.

Dissolve jaggery in water and strain it. Do syrup.
Add 3rd stage coconut milk (thin milk), allow it to boil.
Add adai's in it. Boil well.
Add 2nd stage milk, boil well till thick.
Fry cashew and coconut flakes in ghee and add to pradanam.
Add 1st stage milk and boil once, add elaichi powder. mix well.

By- Neela Anand

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