Wheat Halwa


Samba wheat-1 cup

Sugar-mentioned below

Ghee-1 cup

Ghee fried cashew nuts

Cardamom powder-little

Cesari colour-little


Soak wheat in water and grind it.

Squeeze the milk from the grinded wheat .

Strain it.keep for sometimes so that extra water comes up.

Remove the excess water on top.

Do sugar syrup and add thick wheat milk and cesari colour in it.

Keep on stirring ,when it is cooked and about to touch in the vessel ,add ghee little by little.

Add ghee and stir till ghee absorbs and halwa is of rolling stage.

Add cardamom powder and mix evenly.

When the halwa is ready,put in ghee greased tray and sprinkle cashew nuts on it. Press lightly,serve as it is or cut to pieces when it is cooled lightly.