Hussain Sagar lake

Named after Sufi Saint Hussain Shah Wali, who oversaw it construction which was commissioned by Qutab Shahi ruler Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in 1562, Hussain Shah lake is the raison detre of Hyderabad. Located in the centre of the city, the lake is known for the colossal monolithic statue of the Gautama Buddha, which stands tall on an island named Rock of Gibraltar. When illuminated at night, the statue makes a stunning sight. You can reach the statue from boat from Lumbini Park.

Talking about the dimensions of the man- made Hussain Sagar lake, it is extended to 3.2 km in length, 2.8 km in width and has depth of 32 feet.

The scenic Hussain Sagar lake is enveloped by some of the major landmarks of Hyderabad including Lumbini Park, Birla Mandir, Tank Bund, the Necklace Road and NTR Gardens. The compelling beauty of the lake makes it worth visiting during your visit to Hyderabad. From the Tank Bund, one can have a stunning view of the Buddha statue.

You can enjoy picturesque boat cruise along the Hussain Sagar lake where watching the lake glimmer during sunset is a sheer delight.