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India's military ties with the US good or bad

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  • India's military ties with the US good or bad

    Write your comments about this topic...

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    India's military ties with US is good, because we need more advanced technology in defence system to face a problem of neighbors country like China and Pakistan .it is necessary for Indian sub -continent to stabilise peace and is super power their technology is advance and this ties, they provide advance weapon technology ,war practice between them to understand communication to face a problem in is the time to better relationship between them to face a problem of Chinese policy in South China,hindh mahasagar,prasant specific region there China want to control these regions where 40 %of world trade happen .it is serious problem to whole region including India -us , because it is major route trade business.with the help of American support we able to get pressure on China and Pak on foreign as well as domestic problem like border issue.our security system in air ,land ,water ,be strong but we careful about American policy because there policy is not trustable if we seen history.we should balancing with our others military ties country like Russia to maintain good a days only China give a challenge to USA in all areas like economy,foreign policy defence areas,influence increase,became a super power this time ,America want to reduce influence of China so usa use India as a mohara in front of China to reduce there influence in Asian ,sarrc,country .it is a opportunity to get maximum benefit from usa to became a super power to develop a country in all areas .so it is good for us to ties with American military.


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      Write your comments about this topic...
      it is the most suspectible time to join with U.S army.because due to globalisation we make a lose relationship with all countries in the world and git helps to transform and share our technology and thoughts to strengthn our country defence security a part in MAKE IN INDIA............!


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        "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is an excellent quote and i think that is relevant to the above discussion.Because as we see a trend that India is an emerging world power it is necessary to have a good relation with all the countries to make our emergence sustainable.The Indian ties with the USA in arms may be seen in our perspective as a positive indicator in respect of exchange of scientific advancement but there has been the other side of the coin too i.e. our neighbourhood gets more suscpicious towards us like in the case of Pakistan,China etc. who had always seen India as a threat to their emergence as a global power(CHINA).The mediacore platform in these countries also have a chance of creating a negative publicity on India that it is preparing its arms collection in a grand manner which creates a kind of negative shade on the image of india's policy.And also the assent of america for india to get into NSG and China along with some others countries not in favour also has created a negative impact on the chinese.India also cannot play the game on both american and the chinese sides.It is better to have a transperent and convincable arms ties with US if in case it can show its neighbours that there were no such weapons of mass destruction which is good for us where there is a chance of less tension among our neighbourhood which can lead to a peaceful atmosphere in the south asian region.
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