Acrylic Painting


  Acrylic painting is fast drying paint; Acrylic painters alter the look, stability, flexibility, texture, and other distinctiveness of the paint surface using acrylic media or just adding water.

   The display of acrylic type of glass paintings could be attractable, flexible and better, when compared to oil painting Acrylic painting will take quick time to dry. We put up some beautiful Acrylic paintings for you by one such artist.

   The dreamer in her made her to take up glass paintings about seven years ago. The task that started as a hobby to fill up the free time gradually became a passion with experimentation in different designs and articles. She wants to make her artworks more visible and known to people who may be interested in learning to do so. Having done two exhibitions in Madurai, and encouraged by the response, she has planned to have started teaching glass painting classes and have sales of it in Chennai.

   Her deft strokes in creating themes, the choice of bright colours in filling up the shapes, and to give a shape to each of the brightly painted glass-top into either a decorative or utilitarian item is indeed riveting. Every item - be it a glass lamp shade or hanging lamp, a serving tray and napkin holder or, side table or coffee table, but the basics comes from easy designs such as flowers and scenery or peacocks, birds and fish to rural artfrom all over the world.

  Her choices are awesomely bright. While Mrs. Kuntal has tries to masterly perfect others in her extraordinary skill in painting Madhubani paintings to African tribal and folk art on glass.

  Below you can see lot of Acrylic glass painting and Oil painting also.

  We put up some beautiful paintings for you. Below you can see lot of Acrylic painting and Oil paintings.

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