West Bengal

Located in eastern India, with the glaciated peaks of Mt Kunchanjangha, highest mountain in India, West Bengal is a hugely rewarding place to travel.

One of its claim's to fame is that the state has been home to many famous writers, poets, musicians, scientists, physicists and economists. West Bengal has been birthplace of the world famous poet and writer Rabindra Nath Tagore.

West Bengal offers some of the most spectacular travel destinations in India. The present capital Calcutta once served as the centre of the British power that ruled the country for well over 300 years.

The city is home to many architectural structures including the Victoria Memorial. Other attractions in the city of Kolkata include the Howrah Bridge, the Indian Museum and Darjeeling, aptly called the Queen of Hills, is a serene abode surrounded by high mountains. A visit to the picturese Tiger Hills in the city is absolute must.

Among the off-the-beaten-track destinations in west Bengal the wildlife park of Sundarbas finds a place of prominence. Most people who travel to the state of West Bengal visit only few places like the uniquely atmospheric capital, Calcutta, the hill station of Darjeeling and the wildlife park of Sundarbans.

So it'll be a good idea to forsake Calcutta for a few days and investigate places like Vishnupur, Tarapeeth and Murshidabad. Murshidabad, once the capital city of the Nawabs of Bengal, can come as a revelation. There's a depth of history here; its palaces, forts, and exotic narrow lanes attracts the tourists in large number.