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Soya bean is a leguminous plant. It is cultivated for its Edible food and Edible oil. It is an excellent food, which replaces animal protein. It is highly suitable for strict vegetarians and for those who want to avoid non-vegetarian foods. Scientists believe that a single daily serving of soy foods would suffice to provide the benefits of this Phyto-chemical. There is a misnomer in the public that consuming SOYA causes drowsiness. This is only a fear and not a scientifically valid contention. Soya can be used in variety of traditional foods. The aim is to replace the junk foods, which contain empty calories with great tasting Soy Foods. Regarding use of Soybean, imagination is the only limitation.

Protein content in Soya products- 250 grams of Soya is equivalent to protein in 3 litres of milk (or) 1 kg of mutton, (or) 24 eggs. In other words, recommended daily consumption of 25 grams of Soy Protein is equivalent to Protein in 300 ml-500 ml Milk (or) 100 gms of mutton (or) 3 nos of eggs.

The mouth-watering range of soy products includes Tofu, soy protein drink, edible oils, soy nuggets, soy granules, soy flakes, soy flour, and soybeans. � SOY TOFU - It is called Soya curd or tofu. It a good source of food for people with sodium restricted diets. (It can be preserved up to one week under refrigeration) � SOY PROTEIN DRINK - it is a good substitute for milk and a good source of high quality of proteins, B- vitamins, and Iron. � SOY OILS -It is a natural extract, which is odourless, and flavourless. It is considered healthy oil, as it is cholesterol free and low in saturated fatty acids.

It has high smoking point and helps in cooking process. � SOY NUGGETS - It can replace vegetables in various recipes. It has low fat and is best in terms of proteins, Iron, B-Vitamins. � SOY GRANULES -It can be used in various foods and is also a good vegetable substitute. � SOY FLOUR - It has proteins, and nutrients and can be used as a cereal.

� SOY BEANS - It is a protein substitute and can be used as any other pulses. � SOYA FLAKES - Rich in protein, can be used to make Koftas or in Khara Mixture Things to note: � Soy Protein is cost-effective to reduce fat, increase protein content and improve the overall characteristics of various Indian Traditional food products. � For best results and thorough cooking, Soya beans have to be soaked overnight. These have to be boiled in the pressure cooker unto three whistles. � Other Soy products can be used directly or put in boil water for five minutes. The idea of putting in boiled water is only to remove the smell. This would in no way affect the nutritional value in Soya products. Soya can also be consumed without soaking in the boiled water if one appreciates the smell.

Few Handy tips to include Soya in daily life � Use Soya refined oil as cooking oil. � Soak one spoon of Soya beans over night. Cook it along with the dale or vegetable preparations every day. � Fry Soya granules in oil and preserve it. Sprinkle one or two teaspoons in any of the vegetables you cook daily. It will add to taste. This can also be used as a substitute to coconut. � Deep fry Soya chunks and preserve. Just before using put them in hot water for five minutes and remove. Add these to sambar or kadi and cook; it will be a good substitute to vegetables. It can also be used along with other vegetables. � To one kilo of wheat flour add 250 Gms of Soya powder.

This way rotis and chapattis are more tasty and nutritious. � Soya health drink can be used in place of ordinary milk. � While making idly and dosa batter, take one measure os Soya beans, one measure of udud dal and four measure of rice. Or to the usual proportion add two spoons of Soya beans. This way Soya can be consumed regularly. � Substitute green peas with Soybeans. This will increase the nutritional value in the food. � Soy flour can be used as a thickening agent in various foods and to make ladoos and sweets.

Bharathi Kaza

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