Konark Tourism

An awesome feat of engineering, the world famous 13th century Sun Temple is the culmination of Kalinga School of Temple Architecture. Built by King Narasimha Dev of Ganga dynasty, this majestic temple designed as a massive chariot of the Sun God, is a feast for the eyes. Konark also attracts visitors for the tranquil and lovely Chandrabhaga Beach.

Places of interest

Konark Sun Temple

Also known as Black Pagoda, the Sun Temple of Konark, designed in the shape of a massive chariot with 24 giant wheels carrying Surya, the Sun God, across the heavens hauled by seven prancing horses, presents a great spectacle. This UNESCO listed world heritage site is one of the most splendid temples of India. The tower of the temple which was over 200 feet high, has fallen. The temple is located on a massive platform which is carved with twelve decorated wheels, which are 10 feet in diameter.

Konark Sun Temple, a masterpiece of Odishan temple architecture, features some vivid sculptures of erotic couples ecstatically engaging in the most intimate acts. As a matter of fact, nothing could beat the architecture of this ancient structure. You will feel exulted over the superb engineering ingenuity.

Konark Sun Temple is open from sunrise to sunset everyday. There is no entry fee for below 15 years.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga Beach at Konark offers the beach lovers the picture- perfect view of the sunrise. On the 7th day of the bright half of ‘Magha’ (January-February),Chandrabhaga plays host to a a grand religious festival known as Chandrabhaga Mela or Magha Saptami participated in by thousands of devotes who take holy dip in Chandrabhaga Tirtha near the sea and in accordance with an age old custom welcome the rising sun with prayers followed by worship of the Navagraha.

Konark Dance & Music Festival

Every year in February the Konark Natya Mandap plays host to Konark Dance & Music Festival, one of the exciting dance events of India. The event attracts celebrated classical dancers of India who perform on the open air auditorium set amidst the casuarinas groves.

Side trips


35 km from Konark, Puri is famous for its Jagannath Temple. built in the 12th century AD, this 65m high temple dominates the skyline of Puri. The annual RathYatra or Car Festival attracts millions of devotees to celebrate the nine-day festivities in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June/July). Puri is also famous for its golden beach frequented by tourists throughout the year.


65 km from Konark, Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is known for its temples. Notwithstanding its newfound attractiveness as a modern metropolis, the sacred city of Bhubaneswar remains steeped in history and has an array of attractions.

How to reach Konark

How to Reach Konark by Air: Airport at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is the nearest airport and is 65 km away from Konark.

How to Reach Konark By Rail: Nearest railhead is Puri (35 km) which has direct connection with all major cities of India.

How to Reach Konark By Road: Konark is easily approachable by regular buses, taxis, coaches and tourist cabs from Puri and Bhubaneswar as well as the other places of Odisha. Sight-seeing tours can be arranged for Konark from Puri and Bhubaneswar. Some of the cities and places near Konark are Bhubaneswar (65 km), Puri (35 km), Cuttack (95 km), Sambalpur (359 km), Viskhapatnam (493 km) and Chennai (1292 km).

Where to stay in Konark

Labanya Lodge, Konark Lodge, Sunrise Lodge, Tarini Lodge and Royal Lodge: are some of the hotels in and around Konark.