Daringbadi Tourism

A major tourist destination and a famous hill station since the colonial days, Daringbadi is also known, in the popular parlance, as the “Kashmir of Odisha”. Sitting at an elevation of 3000 ft. above sea level, this hill station is located in the Kandhamal district of Odisha is an ideal summer retreat for the nature lovers.

A drive to Daringbadi through the dense forests and mountains is a thrilling experience by itself. Daringbadi is accessible from all sides through a series of Ghats like Ranipathar, Khajuripada, Kalinga, Baliguda.

Things to do

Daringbadi is blessed with natural bounties such as tall pine trees, coffee plantations, and beautiful lush green valleys. The hill station also receives snow during winter. The indigenous culture of the tribal people of the Kandhamal district is an added charm when you visit Daringbadi. Best time to visit Daringbadi is from September to May.

Side Trips around Daringbadi


110 km from Daringbadi, Balaskumpa is famous for a Shakti shrine dedicated to Barala Devi and a favourite spot for picnickers. Balaskumpa is 18kms from Phulbani, the administrative centre of Kandhamal district.


125 kms from Daringbadi, Putudi is noted for an enchanting waterfall which falls on the Bada Saluki River from a height of 60 feet. The surrounding landscape consisting of dense forest is a feast for the eyes. Putudi is 15kms from Phulbani.


115 kms from Daringbadi, Chakapada is a sacred place home to leaning shrine of Lord Shiva.


Nestled in the slopes of the Eastern Ghats, Taptapani, 110 kms from Daringbadi, is famous for its hot sulphur spring known for its medicinal values. Located in the in the Ganjam district of Odisha, the place is also a sacred place as it is home to the shrine of Goddess Kandhuni. A small Deer park is an added attraction here. Taptapani is 67 km from Gopalpur and 50 kms to the north of Berhampur.


Belghar is a captivating destination for wildlife lovers who come here to view elephants. The place is inhabited by Kutia Kondhs who are the descendants of ancient tribes in the area.


70 km from Daringbadi, Boudh is visited by people for its huge image of the Buddha. Located on the banks of the Mahanadi river, it has been important centre of Buddhism in ancient times. A group of three temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as the Rameswar or Ramanath temples , is another attraction at Baudh.

How to reach Daringbadi

Air: 291 kms away Bhubaneswar is the nearest Airport.

Rail: Nearest railhead to Daringbadi is Berhampur on East Coast Railway, which is 125 kms via Bhanjanagar.

Road: Daringbadi is connected with good motorable road to Phulbani 110 Kms), Berhampur, (165 kms), Bhubaneswar (291 Kms). other important places of Odisha by regular bus service.

Where to stay in Daringbadi

Tourist Complex and guest house are available. Other convenient places to stay in is at Berhampur and Phulbani.