Dilkush Rice

Items Required

Dilkush vegetable- 2 pieces
Onions- 2
Green chillies- 3
Pudina leaves- 1 tsp
Coriander leaves- 1 tsp
Roasted cashew – for topping
Cooked Rice – 2cups

For Masala Powder

Chana dal- 1 tsp
Udad dal- 1 tsp
Jeera- 1 tsp
Red chillis- 3
Pea nuts- 3 tsp
Coconut grated- 3 tsp ( fresh)
Lemon size – tamarind
Oil- 5-6 tsp
Salt to taste


Cut Dilkush into small pieces and onions into long pieces. In oil fry all the masala items ( chana dal, udad dal, jeera, red chillies, peanuts) and add grated coconut tamarind and grind it into fine powder.

In oil fry dilkush, onions, green chillies, pudina leaves till done. To this add masala powder salt and rice and mix well. Dress it with coriander leaves. Top with roasted cashew.

By- Bharathi Kaza