Yamunotri Travel

Greatly revered as the origin of the Yamuna, another sacred river for the Hindus, Yamunotri is a Hindu sacred site of the first order, and its central temple, the shrine of Yamunotri, is an obligatory stop on the Chota four Char Dham pilgrimage circuit. The Yamunotri Temple, situated at an elevation of about 3,235 amidst stunning natural beauty in the forms of lofty snow-capped peaks, glaciers, thermal springs, gushing cascades, turquoise lakes and lush meadows, is a place of immense spiritual significance for the Hindus.

A popular pilgrim place in India, Yamunotri temple was built by Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwal and emits a sacred and spiritual energy. Touched by the clouds, the shrine is a mystical, serene and pious place. The striking presence of the snow-capped peaks in the close proximity of the shrines and the pure crystal clear waters of the River Yamuna flowing around add to the sanctity of the place.

Other places of attractions in Uttarakhand

Janki Chatti

Famous for its thermal springs, Janki Chatti can be reached by jeeps and is located 7km before Yamunotri. The trek from Janki Chatti to Yamunotri is 07 km. Janki Chatti offers accommodation facilities for visitors to Yamunotri.

Surya Kund

Out of the several natural thermal springs in the reion Surya Kund is the most famous. The water of Surya Kund has an astonishing high temperature of 88 degreess. Devotes tie potatoes or rice in a cloth with a pinch of salt to cook it by immersing it under water of Surya Kund for few minutes. . After cooking it is offered to the deity and serves as ‘prasad’.

Divya Shilla

Divya Shilla is a rock pillar which is worshipped by the devotees before entering the Yamunotri shrine.

Hanuman Chatti

Hanuman Chatti is at a distance of 14 km from Yamunotri. It is located at the confluence of the Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna rivers and the trekking route to Dodi Tal starts here.

How to reach Yamunotri

By Road: One has to reach Janki Chatti by bus from Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Mussourie, Badkot, Haridwar and Dehradun. From Janki Chatti, one has to either take a 07 km trek or use ponies and palanquins, which can be hired. During the scenic drive from from Dehradun to Janki Chatti one can have the glimpse of the Kempti Falls. Major cities and towns near Yamunotri connected with it in uttrakhand by road are Mussoorie (139km), Dehradun (180km), Rishikesh, (222km) and Haridwar (240 Km).

By Rail: Rishikesh, 222 kilometres away and Dehradun 180 kilometres away are the nearest railheads.

By Air: Nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport near Dehradun which is at a distance of 196 km.