Woman, a True Companion

A female, starting from birth, play diverse roles at each stage of life. First as a new born, she is celebrated and delighted as a daughter of her loving parents. She is taken best care by her parents and relatives and she is treated as the queen of the family. Parents devote themselves to her life and make her swim in pleasure by facilitating her with all the fun filled things. The tender lives in the warmth of the parents. She is blessed as a daughter.

Days pass by; the baby gal grows as a kid. From the world of parents, the kid enters the world of school which is accompanied by friends and games. Academics, co-curriculum, fun and frolic become the major part of the life. She performs excellence and wins awards and prizes in her schooling. She is friendly to her co-mates and plays with innocence. She is blessed as a student.

Next is the stage of a teen where the world is filled with friends. Life seems so interesting with electrifying experiences and exciting joy. In this stage, friends become the major part of life and friendships seem to be a best relationship in the earth. The caring words of the friend become the most lovable thing in the world. A gal, as a friend acts more caring and affectionate for her co-mates. She is blessed as a good friend.

Next is the role of a lover. To love and to be loved is life. Especially, to love a caring and affectionate gal is the best thing a man can get in the world. A gal, as a lady love, shows utmost care and affection and pours her deep love on her lover boy. She becomes ready to dedicate her life for the caring shoulders that she gets. She is blessed as a true lover.

The gal is ready to forgo her own identity in the association of Marriage, the essential part of life, for her lover boy. She becomes a part of her husband‘s life making invisible her individual rights and freedom. She is gentle and compassionate as a wife.

The vital role of a woman is the role as the mother. A woman gets a wholeness in life on the day she attains her motherhood. Motherhood makes a woman feel her life a complete cycle. She dedicates her life to their children. Her mind is totally occupied by the imaginations of her children‘s life. Mother is a beautiful relationship in the earth. None can replace the truth and purity of a mother. She is awake all the night to see her child sleeping peacefully. She is starving all the day to see her child eating serenely. She is praying all her life to see her child life successfully. She is blessed as a mother.

The fulfilled joy of life for a woman is to rest at home playing with her grand children. She becomes more affectionate and freed with her grand kids. She is blessed with a complete life.

So, woman in every stage of life lives for the people around her than for herself. So, every woman is respectable. Treat her with love and affection; she will do everything for you. Stop ruling women as she is not your slave but your true companion.

Be proud to be a woman!!!