Home Remedies to Black Heads

Ever wondered how do those tiny black spots appear on your nose, forehead, neck or chest? Here are some easy simple home made remedies that will give you quick and satisfactory results.

Black heads are black or yellow coloured bumps that plug on the pores of the skin with sebum and dead skin which are caused by overactive sebaceous glands. The over production can be due to many reasons.

People with oily skin generally tend to secrete more natural oil. Other reasons might be stress, onset of puberty, hypertension or even just lack of hygiene. If the skin pores get infected with bacteria the blackheads then can even give rise to acne.

Do have a look at some of the home made remedies that are natural and soft on the skin, free of side effects unlike over the counter drugs

  • Take a glass of boiling milk and mix lime juice in it. Both have antioxidant properties and will close the pores preventing infection from bacteria. Apply the solution over the affected areas and wash it of with cold water. Follow it for a week and see the results for yourself.
  • Another method is mix cinnamon powder with lime juice and just a tinge of turmeric powder. Apply and wait for 15 min then rinse it off. Continue the process for 15 days you will notice the difference.
  • You can also apply grated potatoes to the pores. But before applying do clean the area from face dirt and other impurities. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse.
  • Basil leaves are also very good for treatment of blackheads and high antioxidant properties. Boil dried basil leaves in water and apply the paste to the pores. Leave for some time and wash. You will get good results in few days time.