Are you a Perfectionist?

Are you caught in a web of perfectionism? Do you feel that you are not good enough, a fear we try to control by seeking even more perfection? However we forget that perfection is not possible. I wonder whether it really exists. We always try to fulfill the expectations we believe are expected from us by our parents, husbands, friends or bosses. And when we continue to try, we berate ourselves and lose self esteem if we fall short. It also keeps us from growing mentally and spiritually. It makes us rigid, inflexible and unreceptive to new ideas or to alternatives. It is ok to make mistakes, learn from them, take responsibility and accept the consequences and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Even professionally the errors and mistakes can increase vigilance, discourage complacence and actually alert us to thwart mistakes about to happen. The perfection bug can destroy lives and relationships and make people unhappy. Do not be so tough on yourself and read on some of time tested strategies that can give you insight into how to lead life normally and stress free.

Make mistakes on purpose and see you've survived and kicking. Track how many times a week you blamed and belittled yourself for the mistakes. Just note it without doing anything.

When you make a mistake try saying to yourself and others I am still learning. Next time something go wrong try to look for the factors which contributed to it.