Removing makeup through natural process

In glamourous world, people attend several parties to expand their network. Females are fond of make up to look gorgeous. In order look beautiful and maintain their body, it is necessary to remove make up when they are back to home from parties or other places. Makeup, if left as it is, blocks the pores on face which leads to spots break outs or dry skin. The most of the makeup removers available in the market normally contain harmful chemicals and can lead to skin foiling. It is recommended to remove make up in natural way.

There are some natural makeup remover remedies mentioned below:

  1. An effective natural makeup remover is Honey and Baking Soda. Small quantity of organic honey on a clean washcloth or cotton and some baking soda added up will serve as good makeup remover.The mixture works on any type of makeup and female feels calm too.
  2. Baby wipes can be used to remove makeup of eyes or face naturally.They are so tender that females do not have to worry about spots breaking out or annoying skin at all.
  3. For removing makeup, females can also use Olive Oil if they have dry Skin / Sensitive Skin. Olive oil contains many healing properties as well as it work as a softening agents too. This is the best natural way to remove makeup for females who have dry skin. Females who have sensitive or dry skin, can also apply other natural oils, such as castor oil, jojoba oil. If they do not have massage oil, baby oil can be applied to remove make up such as for mascara. Females can remove make up by pouring some of baby oil on a cotton ball. Wipe off the face makeup with it and use a wet washcloth to dispose off oil residues left behind on their face or eyes.
  4. Another effectual way is to apply milk for removing makeup. Milk is best Natural remedy for eye Makeup Remover. To remove eye makeup, it is recommended to just try a bit of raw milk on a cotton ball to remove eyeliner or mascara. Cotton ball can be used by very lightly swiping over eye makeup, and then to rinse off with lukewarm water. With this technique, make up is removed very fast especially for sensitive skin. It works effectively for light make up.
  5. Females also can take steam to remove makeup. For this, fill up a basin of hot water and lean over the steam and it will open up all pores which means removing make up just got easier. Females can also place a towel over their face and hold it over a sink with steaming hot water.
  6. Vaseline is only used for eye makeup.Vaseline is very thick and can block pores easily, so when females use Vaseline, they must wash their face with soap and water afterwards.
  7. To remove makeup, females can use few swipes of Chapstick under eyes and a rub in by a cotton ball.
  8. There are many beauty products that use cucumber to remove makeup. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, so they will help to calm irritated skin or acne-prone skin. Take one cucumber and blend it into a paste. Use it as a cleanser on your face. If females have tough makeup to remove, add a little bit of milk or olive oil to the mixture.
  9. Yogurt: Yogurt is also effective for female skin because it serves a number of different purposes. Using yogurt on skin can help to moisturize it. Take a clean cotton round and dip it into some plain yogurt, rub it all over your face in a circular motion, and then rinse off with cool water.

Other ways to remove make up is through facial wash, scrubs and masks. These should be used occasionally as it dries skin out.For removing makeup from face and eyes, beauty experts say that one must wash face to remove makeup and sunscreen before going to bed.