The Risk Factors For Middle-Aged Expecting Women

Name: Ragini Sinha
E Mail:

An important question "Should woman over the age of 40 have children" is puzzling to people in society. In women over 40 the risk increases to 25% to deliver baby. The complications of pregnancy increase with age partly because women are not designed to be pregnant in their fourth decade (Dr Lockwood). There are many health risks for older women during pregnancy. Most commonly they suffer from hypertension and gestational diabetes. There is also a fairly augmented risk for genetic deformities. So if women are pregnant at 45, they have a higher risk for Down syndrome or other genetic factors. But it is not true for all cases. in general, babies born to older mothers are quite healthy. Statistics from the US National Institutes of Health show that the chances of having a baby with Down's syndrome increase rapidly with age. Around one in 1,000 babies born to mothers under 30 have Down's syndrome, a figure that drops to one in 105 by the age of 40. Those who delay having children are "defying nature and risking heartbreak". The health warning highlights the struggle women can have getting pregnant as they age and the complications that increase for both mother and child. Therefore it is important to avoid these problems.

Middle adulthood is a time of major change and development physically and mentally. This is the age of doing, an era of accomplishment, and responsibility. It is also at this time that adults adjust their idealistic hopes to realistic possibilities. There was a time, not long ago, when adult over 35 were called old. Concerns about older parents are not new. There are a growing number of individuals who are just becoming a parent. Some middle-aged adults refused to have children over the age of 40, reasoning that older parents would be less vigorous and more inflexible. Parents in their 40's with infants "do just peachy keen." Parents are asking for a lot of trouble. The tempests surrounding this birth a paternalistic double standard. Though, there are advantages to delaying to start a family. Older couples are more prepared for childbirth. They can rear children in better way because of life experience. When men have children in their old age; it's looked on as a kind of crowning achievement in their lives. But these benefits are not very effective because health factor is more important in human life. Major drawbacks for later pregnancy are- Middle-aged women are in the stage of post-menopausal and above the age of 50 they can't provide adequate childcare to a baby that is patently ridiculous. Miscarriage also becomes a risk the older women conceive. At the age of 40, the risk is double with respect to the age at 20 and chances of 40% of all pregnancies achieved by women aged 40 or over will miscarry. Middle-aged persons normally spend more time out side due official responsibilities and commitments therefore children are ignored. These children get less financial and parental support in their early life span.