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Many people go to United States each year from India. Due to high regards for Indian intelligentsia United States government opens scope for pursuing of higher studies, research work or job. Though tourist visa too can be applied for but it is not as common as other visas.

There are various categories of visas on the basis of which the government may allow entry into United States. B1 visa is for business related purposes. Most commonly heard of is the HB1 visa which is basically issued for job in US. When a person is issued visa on a particular category then he is entitled to remain in that status when in US.Like for example if he comes to US with a student visa, he should be a student only, in order to do something else he should re apply visa consistent with that status of his being in US.

There are numerous flights for United States.American time format oscillates around 12 hours lag depending upon the state and zone.The flight is long of about 22 hours.Many people opt for a break journey going via London or Frankfurt. Due to intense terrorist activities one should be cautious and should not take take liquid items or gels of more than 1 litre in flight.They shoud be kept in trasparent plastic bags.If additional medicines or other formulae are along, one should duly inform the airport officials for seperate screening.

In order to arrive at requisite time in US one should plan well in advance.Keeping in mind of the vacation periods like thanksgiving weekend and especially around Christmas,nearly all people go for vacation and flights are always booked.So such factors should be kept in mind if one plans to reach US during that time to avoid any inconvenience like if one expects to meet someone or Business.

The temprature is cold throughout the year with varying degrees.So one should have enough woolies.During winter one may land down in America in intense snow.Though in South like florida, it does not have snowfall like in New York or Chicago but in winter it still gets cold enough.

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