Budget Travel India

Budget Travel in India, is a growing concept as more and more Indians are lapping up offers given online on travel websites or offered by the friendly travel agent. Budget travel in India is sure to stay with growing travel budget of individuals and families. Travel is increasingly becoming a source of family entertainment and family get togethers as more and more families are spread across the country as well as the globe.

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Attending a family function is no longer a drive down the road but needs arrangements for the whole family to travel through train or by air to the destination. In such a scenario people tend to look at the budget more carefully and opt for low budget travel. Even as buses are offering more comfortable coaches and good roads are letting people reach faster, the sheer distances between relatives now entails train travel as well as flights.

Travel agencies offer bookings for all of the above modes of transport at budgeted rates, enabling people to plan early and save on their travel budget. An increasing number of ads appear in newspapers and television these days that has made budget travel in India available to a larger audience.