North Indian Travel Package

The states of non-peninsular region of the Republic of India with the states other than lie in east and west of India are the part of North India. North India has ancient history behind to its evolution like in other parts of India as well which is why there are lot of ancient monuments of the great dynasties, mausoleums, forts, museums, palaces giving a glimpse of past.

But that's not all; the culture of north India is quite diverse from one region to the next. So there is lot of variety to see upon hopping form one region to another if one plans likewise. Like in Rajasthan, arts and crafts reveal the pinnacle of workmanship apart from brilliant concepts in color and designs. Costumes are colorful and soaked in richness and vivid. The wildlife too is thriving and taken care for its preservation and maintenance of ecological balance system. Or even the pure vastness of the desert is enchanting.

With a complete contrast say for example in Jammu and Kashmir, a whole new world awaits to embrace in its beauty of white mountains in winter, green lush pastures in summer with a cool breeze flowing by you tresses making you fall into a trance of a fairy land. Here interestingly it reminds of a very famous line quoted by an eminent poet that if there were any paradise on this earth it is this, it is this, it is this. The boat houses, and beautiful lakes and the natural beauty is captivating.

The hill stations of Manali, Darjeeling, Shimla bring out the luxurious life style in the lap of nature. With cool climate and abundant greenery is revives one out of his monotonous routine and unleashes new zest in life. The list is exhausting, it would be recommendable to exhaust one self in person in comprehending the bliss and beauty of North India. There awaits a new kind of life for you to witness

Something which is vital for anyone, how about if it's put forth in most appealing and tempting way? Eateries which tempt taste buds constitute north Indian cuisine. The cuisine of north India has never failed to impress anyone. The basic thing of the ingredients and spices used in North Indian food is that each prominently casts its own impression in the food. So in eating, the taste is rich and prominently appeals the taste buds. Food like barbeque of vegetable food and non vegetarian called as Kababs has always been hot favorite. Different kinds of vegetable curries, dishes of kinds of pulses, and mutton curries, special vegetable dishes like spinach curry laced with feta and other specialties are worth relishing. The list would be endless. In short North India has much to offer of one plans to visit. Children have a great time and it makes an awesome experience.

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