Air Travel in India

Day by day air travel in India is becoming more common and affordable to the large India Middle Class. With rising Incomes, not only domestic air travel in India but also International air travel is on the upswing. People with fat salaries find it cheaper to travel by air as the amount of salary cut they face due to increased leave sometimes is more than the flight ticket cost. Apart from that the general comfort and time saving is an added attraction for Indians to travel by air.

   Indian Railways|Indian Airlines

Increasing number of Airlines like Kingfisher, Go Air, Deccan and Sahara offer tickets at concessional and competitive rates. So much so that even Indian Airlines had to reduce prices. Unlike railway stations Indian Airports are clean and convenient making air travel in India a preferred means of travel.

E-ticketing has made booking flights so easy that busy professional depend very much on such travel services. The only factor that is a bit uncomfortable is that you have to show your id, including those of children and homemakers.

With players like Kingfisher Airlines, the planes and the staff themselves are being given a makeover. Air travel in India is indeed looking very promising!

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