Travel Destination in India

When one talks of travel destination at that too of a country like India, it brings out just a part of huge rainbow of vivid cultures, places, hill stations and places of heritage and what not.

It's impossible to comprehend in single impression which casts as soon as one talks of "Destination" in India. The most peculiar thing about India is that it is probably the most diverse country in terms of its climate, soil type culture with different cuisines, dresses, languages, customs, traditions varying from region to region. Anything you name it and it changes from one region to another under one banner of the Fluttering Tri colored Flag.

That is why there are lot of destinations which one may account for during his trip in India. There are breathtakingly beautiful hill stations to rejuvenate your soul, places of heritage which are reminiscence of the enchanting past having roots of the cultures and traditions.

You can have adventurous trips to destinations for rock climbing destinations and skiing like in the Switzerland of India -Kashmir, backwater tours in destinations of south among the greenery and spas with natural herbs to completely de stress and revive from the lap of the nature in its purest form. If you are interested in exploring wildlife there are lot of wild life destinations, sanctuaries, zoos throughout the country with are a home of endangered species also.

There are destinations of resorts, heritage sites, places of special interests like Rajasthan special tour which is famous apart from innumerable others.

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