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South India has always been among the favorites for the tourists. For someone wanting to explore a whole new world of culture and traditionalism with a striking contrast, it sure is a smart option. In spite of having heard and knowing much, whether through television or other media sources, one is sure to get flabbergasted upon landing in the south. The places of heritage make one go back in time of the glorious past. The rich tradition and food, dresses, flower decoration and handicrafts are all for one to get mesmerized.

The scenic beauty of the south, the exotic beaches of the south Indian cities like Chennai, Kandhipuram, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Chidambaram,Tanjore,Trichy, Madurai and more are breathtaking.

The backwaters of Kerala like Alappuzha, famous for its boat races, marine products, coir industry all are a delight for the tourist and locals as well.

Some thing peculiar about it is that probably it is the only place in the world were farming is done beneath the sea level. Also Cochin Backwaters, Kasargod Backwaters, Kollam Backwaters and more all have their historical significance and special treats for the visitor.

The south cuisine is different from the north; the food is relishing and gives a different a whole new range of menu items. The famous food items like Idli made out of minced rice, dosa made out of rice paste and vegetable pulses have been all time favorites since ages. In fact the visit to south would be incomplete if one misses out savoring this on his or her visit to south.

Exquisite cloth materials, handicrafts and much more can be seen for its rich taste and unique culture..

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