Travel and Tourism in India

India has attracted huge number of tourists from all over the world. Its rich culture and traditional values has caught fancy of all the people. People of varied interests can come to pursue their hobbies and activities. India has immense scope in every field. Some people have interests in cuisine, some in wild life, bird watching, handicrafts and so on. The cultural exchange program nowadays has taken and upbeat and people in spite of television and internet want to experience the culture in person.

Nowadays, tourism business if flourishing, there are lot of travel agencies which arrange journey and schedule travel in India. Being their line of business they are well versed with all the protocols and rules and the tourist is relieved from the trouble of inquiring and doing everything on his own.

The travel agencies arrange everything from arranging visa, passport formalities to other documentation protocols. They also arrange cab services, lodging etc.

Because of lot of agencies have mushroomed up the rates are competitive and in accordance to the preferences of the tourist.

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