Lake Palace

Set in the middle of Lake Pichola in the lake city of Udapur in Rajasthan, the Lake Palace, now turned into a luxury heritage hotel, ranks among one of the world's most romantic hotels. Frequented by the rich and famous, Lake Palace is located on the boggy Jag Niwas island.

Reachable by boat from the hotel's own jetty, the Lake Palace is a gorgeous white marble seemingly "floating" building built by Maharana Jagat Singh as a summer idyll in 1743. The majestic architecture of this most photographed hotel in India is a visual treat.

The picturesque fairy-tale royal mansion that the Lake Palace is may be steeped in history, but this is not to say that once you are in the hotel you are living in the past. The hotel features luxurious rooms with beautifully-carved wooden furniture where you will be cosseted like royalty. For a fine dining experience, the restaurants of the Lake Palace live up to their reputation.

The Lake Palace hotel is 2.5 miles from Udaipur Railway Station and 16 miles from the Udaipur airport.