Heritage Hotels of Rajasthan

The western state of Rajasthan is famously associated with heritage hotels is India. Its landscape is dotted with many heritage hotels. The reason is not far to seek. Rajasthan, aptly called the Land of Kings, was once the home of many erstwhile princely states the rulers of which built some of the most outstanding palaces, forts and mansions which have been renovated and refurnished to incorporate all the luxury and modern amenities a modern day guest could ask for.

Heritage hotels in Rajasthan are the ideal place to stay in if you are in search of a way of life that reflects the past glory and opulence of the place you are putting up in. What makes these hotels of Rajasthan, home to most of the heritage hotels in India, rewarding places to put up is the personalization of services and accommodation. Once the grand palaces and majestic forts of the royal families, these are called heritage hotels because these hotels still retain the heritage value.

However you would be living in mistaken belief if you think you would be living in the past if you are in the heritage hotels of Rajasthan. Apart from providing the visitors to savour the amazing architecture, rich history, opulence, chivalry and spirit of the bygone era these heritage hotels are synonymous with luxury, lavishness and comfort.

Embellished with awe-inspiring interiors, the heritage hotels of Rajasthan are architectural gems whose rooms will, without shadow of doubt, take you towards the majestic lifestyle of the royalty.

Lake Palace, Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, Fateh Prakash Palace, Samode Haveli, Devigarh Palace, Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace are some of the finest heritage hotels of Rajasthan.