Apart from the palaces and forts, the very mention of the Indian state of Rajasthan also evokes images of desert storm and the endlessly sand dunes of ever encroaching Thar Desert. With an array of historical attractions, a travel to the Thar desert in the Rajasthan can be amazing, eye-opening experience

Though an inhospitable terrain, a desert is a place where you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the nature. The solitude of a desert landscape draws the travelers time and again. In Rajasthan, the Thar desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is visited by a number of tourists. A desert safari in the Thar Desert is a truly amazing experience, and for the keen photographer it offers endless landscape scenes that will create thought-inspiring photographs.

There are several travel destinations which are located in the region of Thar Desert. The most famous of them is Jaisalmer. Perched on the Trikuta Hill in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is a fairytale fortress city from which you can explore the mesmerizing beauty of the desert.

If you're anywhere near Jaisalmer in January, don't miss the Desert Festival, one of Rajasthan's most flamboyant parades. 45 km from Jaisalmer is the Desert National Park which is a fine specimen of the eco-system of the Thar Desert and its eclectic fauna including desert fox. 42 km from Jaisalmer are Sam Sand Dunes where you can go on a camel safari. Here you can stay overnight in a desert tent for a surreal night.

Pokharan, Barmer are other towns located in the Thar desert. 90 km north of Jodhpur, Khimsar's claim to fame lies in its being the starting point of the Thar Desert, Located in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, the place is home to a sixteenth century fort which has been now converted into a heritage hotel. Set in the midst of sand dunes that appear to roll into eternity, the Khimsar fort was built ostensibly to defend the inhabitants from the marauding invaders.

The best time of the year to visit the Thar desert is usually between November and February, when the weather is mild. During summers the heat is intense. During winter season, the nights are very cold.