Useful tips for care of neck to enhance overall personality

  Most of us are more conscious about trendy outfits, fond of jewelry and take care of our face. The neck is however neglected many times. But the neck is the most important part of our  body and if proper care is taken, it enhances the persona.

  We always select good dresses to cover the neck and put jewelry to look beautiful; therefore a clean neck will add more attractiveness.

  The neck is susceptible to aging. Double chin and many lines that are visible as we grow older cannot be covered with smart makeup procedures even though women spend lots of money to hide these ugly parts.

  It is necessary to take a nourishing diet as well as a daily cleaning routine of the neck because if the neck is neglected, it will reflect the real age or even more than the real age of women who otherwise look younger by face.

  For a graceful neck, there are certain simple exercises which must be done on a regular basis such as - hold head in an upward direction to improve posture. Another useful tip for neck beauty is to sleep without a pillow which reduces the occurrence of double chin.

   For cleaning neck, one must massage the neck area for sometime before taking bath with downward strokes one hand following the other with a homemade solution such as turmeric paste. It will help to reduce the color difference of neck and face.

  Sometimes females have dark patches and spots around the neck due to spending more time in the kitchen or traveling. Particularly the nape of the neck; which is easily darkened. The major causes of the darkening of the neck are pigmentation, dead cells that adhere to the surface of skin, dirt and stain which gets deposited on the surface of the neck skin. Pigmentation of neck also occurs when girls or females ignore covering the neck and move in polluted areas.

   It is a fact that woman are fond of jewelry therefore they regularly wear these items to look beautiful but forget to clean their neck. It results in skin infection and some types of allergies. It develops discoloration in the neck and that portion looks ugly.

  If there is noticeable difference between the skin colors of the face and the neck then women become very conscious and concerned because people may observe easily and form a bad impression. Neck beauty can be improved by daily cleansing and a person has to scrub with soft nail brush with plastic bristles.

  There are many home-based treatments for darkened neck. Women can try it regularly to get the desired results. One useful procedure for this is to dip a towel in hot water and squeeze the towel for excess water. Now daub this towel over the darkened areas to give steam to dark neck portions. This process must be repeated several times in week to get rid of the dark spots or areas.

   Some homemade remedies are:

  1. Apply lemon juice mix with a few drops of rose water on the dark portion of the neck before going to bed at night.
  2. Cucumber juice is also useful for neck care.

  These are all guidelines for surface cleaning of the neck. If women really want to look beautiful and remove the unnecessary stains, they have to change their lifestyle, adopt good habits for sleeping and take a nourishing diet.

  It is always better to use natural herbs for applying on neck. It will not harm the sensitive skin and make it glow if used properly and in correct proportions.


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