Chennai Traffic

Chennai is one of the Metropolitan cities in India and its growth in terms of technology is tremendous. As the number Industries, Multinational Companies and IT parks are emerging everyday the employment opportunities eventually increases which leads to increase in population.

The growth of a city is proportional to its traffic in roads. The Chennai traffic police (CTP) take control over the supervision of the road and controls the accidents.

In order to reduce the heavy traffic in the roads the tamilnadu government built many flyovers all over the city. The Napier Bridge is one of the oldest bridges. The other important flyovers are Gemini, Kathipara, padi, adyar, Royapettah and T.nagar which plays a major role in maintaining the city traffic in control. There are few more flyovers which are under construction in the various parts of the city.

Even though there is continuous surveillance by the City traffic police the people's cooperation is more important. The people should obey the traffic rules and make them to serve better.

For further details about the Chennai traffic police click the link given below.

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