Delhi Climate

delhi climateDelhi has a semi-arid climate with high variation between summer and winter temperatures. The summers are long starting in early April and lasting till October with the rainy season in between. Extreme temperatures have ranged from a minimum of -2 to a maximum of 47 C. These are historical records and typically winter nights almost never go below +2C or summer afternoons above 45C.

The average annual rainfall is approximately 67cm or 27 inches, most of which falls in the months of July and August during the Monsoon. Traditionally, the Monsoon is supposed to touch Delhi on June 29th every year.

When To Go

Summer in Delhi is no joke - from April the temperature climbs relentlessly to more than 45°C (113°F) in May and June and the heat doesn't really abate until October. Dust storms called loo sweep in from Rajasthan with considerable fury.

The arrival of the monsoon, at the end of June, brings intense humidity - the murder rate usually peaks in this month.

From November to March is the best time to visit, with cool but sunny weather. Plus Holi, one of the most exuberant Hindu festivals, takes place around this time. October sees the end of the monsoon, but is reasonably pleasant. Nights can be quite chilly in December and January.

JANUARY 21 07 25
FEBRUARY 24 10 22
MARCH 30 15 17
APRIL 36 21 07
MAY 41 27 08
JUNE 40 29 65
JULY 35 27 211
AUGUST 34 26 173
SEPTEMBER 34 25 150
OCTOBER 35 19 31
NOVEMBER 29 12 01
DECEMBER 23 08 05

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