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3 ways to catch a tiger....

Newtons law : allow the tiger to catch u, then u catch the tiger...

Veerappan's law : kidnap tiger's wife and ask the tiger to surrender..

Indian Police Method : Catch a cat and beat it until it agrees it is a tiger...

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A man goes hunting and gets lost in the woods.

Remembering the universal distress signal of fireing 3 shots, he fires 3 shots into the air and waits.

After an hour he fires 3 more shots. Another hour goes by and still no one comes to help.

Preparing for the next sequence he says to himself, “I hope somebody comes this time because these are my last three arrows.”

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3 Hunters

There was 3 guys stranded in the mountains and they weren't going to be rescued for 3 days. So they all made a plan that each night one would get the food. So the first night the 1st guy goes out and comes back with a big deer. So the guy who was hunting tomorrow ask for advice on how to catch another one, and the guy said see tracks, follow tracks, BAM!! shot the deer...

So the next night the 2nd guy went out and came back with an even bigger deer than the 1st guys, and the 3rd guy was amazed so he asked how he could catch one like that for the next night. And the guy told him see tracks, follow tracks, BAM!! shot the deer...

The next night the 3rd guy went out to get a deer and comes back hours later all beat up and bloody, so the the other 2 guys ask what happen. And the guy said i seen tracks, followed tracks, BAM!! got hit by train.

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