Dhaka Assembly Elections 2015

Dhaka Assembly Election Candidates List and Results

Name of the Candidate Party Name Result
FAISAL RAHMANRashtriya Janata Dal87458
PAWAN KUMAR JAISWALBharatiya Janata Party68261
RAM PUKAR SINHAIndependent20160
NEK MOHAMMADNationalist Congress Party1868
MANJUR AHMADIndependent1637
RAMKRIT PASWANBahujan Samaj Party1434
VEERCHANDRA PRASADRashtriya Pragati Party985
PRABHU NARAINIndependent952
MOHMMAD ALAMGarib Janta Dal (Secular)480
None of the AboveNone of the Above2548

Dhaka Assembly Elections Schedule

AC No Category Poll Phases Last Date of Nominations Date of Polls Result
21 GEN Phase IV Oct 7th 2015 Nov 1st 2015 Nov 8th 2015

About Dhaka Assembly Elections Constituency

Dhaka is in eastern Champaran district and Ghorasahan and Dhaka are the areas covered by the Dhaka assembly constituency. The Dhaka assembly segment belongs to the Sheohar Lok Sabha constituency. A total of 2,61,279 eligible voters reside here of whom 1,38,318 are male and 1,23,650 female voters.

Electoral History of Dhaka Constituency in Bihar

Dhaka, one of the twelve assembly segments located in the Purvi Champaran (East Champaran) district of Bihar, is currently held by Independent MLA Pawan Kumar Jaiswal who won the seat in the last general assembly elections to the state in 2010 by defeating his nearest rival Faisal Rahman of Janata Dal (United) by a margin of 1649 votes. In that election, Pawan Kumar Jaiswal, who is the founder president of a social organization named Ram Rahim Sena, polled 48100 votes, the JD(U) nominee received 46451 votes and was followed by Nek Mohammed of Ramvilas Paswan led Lok Janashakti Party (LJP) with 13418 votes.

Abdul Hamid Ansari, who contested on the ticket of the Congress, was relegated to the fourth place by securing just 4464 votes.

In 2010, the RJD and Ramvilas Paswan led Lok Janashakti Party (LJP) had contested the elections jointly. However equations have changed today. The BJP and the JD (U) have snapped their alliance and LJP is now a part of the NDA, the ruling dispensation at the Centre. The JD (U), the Congress and the RJD have come together to check the BJP.

Avaneesh Kumar Singh, the winner of the Chiraia assembly seat in 2010 as a BJP candidate, has joined the JD (U) and had unsuccessfully contest the Purvi Champaran Lok Sabha constituency in 2014 parliamentary elections on the ticket of the latter.

In 2000, Manoj Kumar Singh had won the Dhaka assembly seat in 2000 as an RJD nominee by defeating Avaneesh Kumar Singh.

Dhaka is one of the six assembly constituencies that combine to form the parliamentary constituency of Sheohar which is currently represented by Rama Devi of the BJP. Other five assembly constituencies are Chiraia, Madhuban, Sheohar, Riga and Belsand.

Dhaka Assembly Election News 2015

It won't be walkover for BJP

Updated on : Oct-8,2015

Sitting Independent MLA Pawan Kumar Jaiswal is now contesting Dhaka seat on BJP ticket. He will be facing a tough battle from Faisal Rahman from RJD in this constituency. At present, the constituency of Dhaka is represented in the assembly by Pawan Kumar Jaiswal (Independent). There was a close fight between Jaiswal and his opponent Faisal Rahaman of JD(U) in the 2010 election. Jaiswal won with 48,100 votes, while Rahman settled for 46,451 votes. Jaiswal is one of the 12 tainted BJP candidates facing criminal charges, but they were given tickets to contest the election.

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