Tamil baby boy names starting with S

Here is a list of Tamil baby boy names starting with S. We have listed boy names starting with S on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with Friends and your family members before naming your child.

Tamil baby Girl Names

Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting with- S

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U= Unique, C= Common, VC= Very Common
Name Gender Meaning
Sabariboy God Ayyappan U
SabariNathanboy God Ayyappan U
Sadaiyanboy God Sivan U
Sadaiyappanboy God Sivan U
SainathanboyGod Kannan in Red Lotus U
SakthiMuruganboy Another name for God MuruganC
SakthiVelboy Another name for God Murugan C
SambaSivanboy God Sivan U
SamiKannu boyGod Kannan in Red Lotus U
SamiNathanboyProsperous C
SamiyappanboyGod Murugan U
SandanaChelvanboy Pleasant U
SandanaPandiyanboyProsperous C
Sangameswaran boyGod Kannan in Red Lotus U
SangiliMuruganboy Another name for God Murugan U
SangunathanboyGod Murugan U
SaravanaMuthuboy Another name for God MuruganU
Saravananboy Another name for God Murugan VC
SaravanaVelboy Another name for God MuruganC
SathappanboyDevotion to God Sivan U
SeeralanboyPleasant U
SekilarboyDevotion to God Sivan U
SelvaGanapathiboy Prosperous C
SelvaKumaranboy Prosperous C
Selvamaniboy Prosperous C
Selvamuthuboy Prosperous C
Selvanboy Prosperous VC
SelvaNambiboy Prosperous and ConfidentU
SelvaNathanboy Prosperous C
SelvaPandiyanboy Prosperous C
Selvarasanboy Prosperous C
SelvaRathinamboy Prosperous VC
SelvaSundaramboy Prosperous C
SelvaThuraiboy Prosperous C
SelvaVinayagamboy Prosperous, Vinayagam - PillaiyarC
Sembiyan boyGod Sivan U
Semmalboy Perfect U
Sendhilboy God Murugan VC
SendhilKumaranboy God Murugan C
SendhilMuruganboy God Murugan C
SendhilNathanboy God Murugan C
SendhilVadivelboy God Murugan U
SendhilVelboy God Murugan C
Sendooranboy God Murugan U
SendoorPandiyanboyGod Sivan U
Sengannanboy Visionary U
SengodanboyGod Sivan U
SengottayanboyGod Kannan in Red Lotus U
Senguttuvanboy A Chera Prince who conquered upto the HimalayasU
Senkadirboy Brilliant like the Ray of LightU
SenTamaraiKannanboy God Kannan in Red LotusU
SenTamilArasanboy Well-versed in Pure TamilU
SenTamilChelvanboy Well-versed in Pure TamilU
Sevalkodiyonboy God Murugan U
Sidhanboy Enlightened U
SilambanboyGod Sivan U
SilambarasanboySculptor U
SilambuChelvanboyGod Sivan U
SilambuManiboySon of God Sivan U
Singan boyBrave like a Lion U
SingaraVelanboy Another name for God MuruganC
Sitpanboy Sculptor U
Sivaboy God Sivan VC
SivaBalanboy Son of God Sivan C
SivaChelvanboy Son of God Sivan U
Sivadasanboy Devotee of God Sivan C
SivaGnanamboy Devotion to God Sivan C
SivaKannuboyGod Sivan U
SivaKolundhuboySon of God Sivan U
SivaKumaranboy Son of God Sivan VC
Sivalingamboy God Sivan C
Sivalogamboy Abode of God Sivan U
SivaManiboyGod Sivan C
SivaMuruganboy God Murugan C
SivaMuthu boySculptorU
Sivan boyGod Sivan C
SivanandamboyVictorious C
SivaNathanboy God Sivan C
SivaPaadamboySculptor U
SivapalamboyVictorious U
SivaPerumalboy God Sivan VC
SivaRamanboy Siva = God Sivan + Raman = God RamanVC
SollinSelvanboy Articulate U
Solvalavanboy Articulate U
Sooriyanboy Brilliant resembling Sun C
Subbaiyanboy Another name for God MuruganU
Subbannan boySculptor U
Subbu boyAnother name for God MuruganU
Subramaniboy Another name for God MuruganVC
SundaraVelboy Another name for God MuruganC
SuruliboyWealth U
SuruliappanboyWealth U
Sakthiboy Lord Krishna U
SelvamboyWealth U
Santhyaboy Sunlight U
SenthilboyLord Murugan U
Saravanaboy Clump of Reeds U
Selvarajboy King of Prosperity U
SundaranboyHandsome BoyU
SatyamurtyboyStatue of Truth U

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these tamil baby boy names are