Tamil baby boy names starting with K

Here is a list of Tamil baby boy names starting with K. We have listed boy names starting with K on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with Friends and your family members before naming your child.

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Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting with- K

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U= Unique, C= Common, VC= Very Common
Name Gender Meaning
KabilanboyName of a SaintU
Kadamban boyName of a Poet U
Kadhirboy Brilliant; Ray of Light C
KadhirVelboy Another name for God MuruganC
KalaiArasanboy King of Arts C
KalaMegam boyName of a Poet U
Kalanjiyamboy Repository of Wisdom, Wealth, etcU
Kalappan boyBrilliant; Ray of Light U
KalathiNathanboyBrilliant; Ray of Light U
KaliMuthu boyName of a Poet U
KalviDasanboy Learned U
Kamarasanboy Unaffected by Desires VC
Kambanboy Poet who composed Kamba RamayanamU
Kandanboy God Murugan U
KandaVelboy God Murugan U
Kannanboy God Kannan; Playful; Merrisome VC
KannappanboyName of a Poet C
Karikalanboy The Chola king known for his Wisdom and BraveryC
KarkodanboyUnaffected by Desires U
KarMuhilanboy Rain-bearing cloud; ResourcefulU
Karuppanboy One who is dark (Black is beautiful!)C
Kasinathanboy God Sivan C
KathaPerumalboyGlorious U
Katranboy Well-Learned U
Kavinboy Natural Beauty U
KaviriNadanboy From the Kaviri (Cauvery) naaduU
Kayilaiboy Abode of God Sivan U
KeeranboyWell-Learned U
Keerthiboy Glorious VC
KilliValavanboyWell-Learned U
KolappanboyPrince U
Komaganboy Prince U
Komanboy King U
KoodalAlagarboy God Sivan U
Koormadhiboy Brilliant U
Koothanboy God Sivan; Silled in the Arts U
KotravanboyKing U
Kovalanboy Hero of Silappathikaram U
Kovendanboy King U
KulandaiSamiboy Another name for God MuruganC
Kumananboy Name of a charitable prince U
KumaraVelboy Youthful; Another name for God Murugan C
Kunaboy Good CharacterC
Kunranboy God Murugan U
KuppuSamiboyGod Murugan U
Kurumuniboy Another name for Agathiyan U
Kutraalanboy God Sivan; Presiding Deity of Kutraalam U
Kuyilanboy Sweet like Kuyil (Cuckoo) U
Kuppuboy PrinceC
KartikboyName of One of the Hindu MonthsU
Karunaboy KindlyC
KathirboyLotus U
KapilanboyPrince C
KarthikboyA Hindu Month; One who Bestows HappinessU
Kesavanboy Lord VishnuC
Komaganboy Prince U
Kovalanboy Hero of SilappathikaramC
Kumananboy Name of a Charitable Prince U
KumaranboyLord Muraga; Son of SivanC
Kandavelboy God Murugan U
KarmegamboyRain-bearing Cloud; ResourcefulC
Kalaimaniboy Gem of Arts U
KumaranboyLord Muraga; Son of SivanC
Kandavelboy God Murugan U
Kumaravel boyLord Muraga;C
KalaiarasanboyKing of ArtsU
Karthikesanboy Good Looking IndividualsC
KarthikeyanboyWho has Been Brought Up by Krittika U
Karuppasamyboy God KaruppasamyC
Karunanidhiboy Treasure of Pity U
KamalajboyLord BrahamaC
Kamalboy Lotus U
Kamaleshboy Lord of KamalaC
Kamarajaboy Lord of Desire U

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