Assamese Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Here is a list of Assamese baby girl names starting with H. We have listed girl names starting with H on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

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Assamese Baby Girl Names

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Assamese Baby Girl Names Starting with- H

Name Gender Meaning
Hemagirl Golden
Heragirl Queen of Gods
Himagirl Snow; Bindu
Humagirl Bird of Paradise
Husngirl Beauty
Hanangirl Mercy
Hetalgirl Friendly; Love
Hibahgirl A Gift from God
Hiteegirl Love and Care
Hasitagirl Happy; Full of Laughter
Himaligirl Ice
Holikagirl Lighting of Ceremonial Fire
Hooriyagirl Angel
Harshadagirl One who Brings Happiness; Giver of Joy
Hasanthigirl One That Delights
Hemadrigirl Golden Hills
Hooriyagirl Angel
Haribalagirl Daughter of Lord Vishnu
Harshitagirl One That Delights

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these assamese baby girl names are