Assamese Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Here is a list of Assamese baby girl names starting with A. We have listed girl names starting with A on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

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Assamese Baby Girl Names

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Assamese Baby Girl Names Starting with- A

Name Gender Meaning
Aartigirl Form of Worship
Aashna girlBeloved; Devoted to love
Abhilasha girlWish; desire
Abhilaashagirl Wish; desire
Aditi girlMother of the Gods
Aimee girlBeloved
Ajanta girlEternal fame; A famous Buddist cave
Alisha girlProtected by God
Alpana girlA decorative design; Beautiful
Ambika girlGoddess Durga; Goddess Parvati
Amisha girlBeautiful
Amrita girlFull of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality
Ananta girlWithout End
Ananya girlExtraordinary; Without a second
Anima girlThe Power of Becoming Minute
Anjali girlTribute
Aboil girlThe Name of a Flower
Anushri girlPretty; Goddess Laxmi
Amani girlRoad; One who Shows the Path
Aparijita girlUndefeated; Name of a flower
Aparna girlGoddess Parvati
Anbargirl Perfume; Ambergris
Aruna girlDawn; Sunrise
Anulagirl Not Wild; Gentle
Adrika girlCelestial
Ajantagirl A Famous Buddist Cave
Akshda girlTandul
Apinayagirl Expressions in Dance
Asawaree girlRaga in Hindustani Classical Music
Abhirathigirl Pleasure
Aninditha girl Virtuous; Venerated

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these assamese baby girl names are